Here Comes the Boom!

We follow the Eric Paulson Combat Submission Wrestling Program. The driving force behind many elite MMA fighters in the UFC, and part of the Inosanto Jeet Kune Do System.

CSW provides an incredible structure of progression and asssessment so that our students can journey from beginner to expert and even, if they want to, become a professional competitor.

Our CSW classes are led by a professional MMA fighter and CSW Affiliate Simon Squires and are complimented by classes with our expert Karate, JKD and BJJ martial artists.  Our program is designed to give you an incredibly rich and balanced skill set that maximise your chances of success in the sport.

Our fun community of both male and female CSW students is growing, so get in touch and do a taster session for free!

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We are currently offering free trial sessions in a private class setting.

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