4 weeks in JKD

Here is what you will learn:

Week 1=
Self-protection principles and methods

Week 2 =
Ground attack defence & Prevention

Week 3=
Weaponry defence

Week 4=
Dealing with multiple opponents

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Next Courses in Abingdon!

Our next JKD 4 Week Program for ages 16+ starts in Abingdon on

BJJ - 3rd February , 8pm
JKD - 4th February , 8pm

The Abingdon Dojo
Unit A3 Barton Mill
Audlett Drive
OX14 3NJ

4 Weeks in BJJ

Week 1=
Guard Passing Open & Closed

Week 2 =
Side Control Attack & Escape

Week 3=
Mount Attack & Escape

Week 4=
Closed Guard Attacks