6 weeks can change your life

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By Ben Richardson
Published Tuesday, August 14, 2018

On Wednesday the 5th of September at 7.30pm, TFW Abingdon is holding an orientation for it's latest life transformation course. The world famous TFW Challenge. The challenge starts from Monday 10th September.

We now have an opportunity to offer another 20 people a space on this amazing programme before we close our doors to the public due to over subscription and massive popularity of our training methods and family culture.


So this is your chance to grab a FREE 1-2-1 consultation with one of the professional coaches as TFW Abingdon and make a huge change in your life. Hundreds of students have passed through our doors and made changes they could not imagine just a few weeks before they began. Many people had to overcome a lot of FEAR in order to even come to our dojo, but that bravery has been rewarded and the realisation met that there is NOTHING to fear here.

TFW Abingdon is the place that people find the best version of themselves, they find friends for life, the find an incredible support network, they find accountability and the find RESULTS!\


Would you like to burn fat, build muscle and feel good?

Would you like to join a group of people on the same mission as you, with the same goals and the same fears?

Would you like to find our what you can achieve with real coaching?

Would you like to learn about whole food eating and use a meal plan that doesn't teach you how to diet, but how to eat properly?

If the answer is yes, the please contact us today.