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Train Anywhere

Right now we are all having to adapt to being at home, away from our usual day to day routines and activities. More than ever people are feeling isolated. Being part of an online community, through live events, brings us a little closer together.

CDMA Online is perfect for you, and costs just £35.99 per month (reduced from our usual £55 a month when at the Dojo), and as a brand new member when you sign up you also get a free 1-2-1 strategy session online with one of our coaches to discuss your targets.

We feature LIVE sessions to ensure that you can get expert feedback on what you are doing and help adjusting your technique as you go. The lessons are designed to be used outside of a dojo and where space is limited.  They are led in real-time by our brilliant instructors and you can join in using your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Note: In order to be eligible to grade in the martial arts you study, you must have a full membership as well as your online membership.

Become a Member During the COVID-19 Crisis

This is the first time we have taken our 3 unique martial arts classes outside of the dojo, giving access to the general public.

We understand the impact COVID-19 is having on individuals and families as we are forced to change our routines and activities in the lock down period.

Can Do Martial Arts has created this fantastic online learning platform for you, to start a journey in Martial Arts, or begin an activity the whole family can engage in together.

Try real Japanese Karate, Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

It's time to take a positive stand and that begins with action - join us today!

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