Pilates for Wellbeing & Recovery.

Led by Virginia Richardson, our Pilates program calms the mind and body leading to an improved sense of wellbeing.  It is also incredibly restorative, helping people overcome injuries and physical struggles for both men and women.

Get in touch to find out how you can benefit from Pilates.

A cardio-enhancing workout, our spin team provide traditional spin classes as well as heart-rate focussed sessions that are tailored to an individual's current level of fitness.

Spin is a great complimentary workout for those who are keen to get on their bike!

Get a great workout using the Rip:60 suspension system and your own body weight.

Our Rip:60 classes feature our great, motivational, instructors as well as a bundle of fun with the training group.

If you want a great full body workout, Rip:60 might be just what you are looking for.  Why not contact us and speak to our team about trying a class today!