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Safe On the Street? - Strong Women!

How often have you felt unsafe walking home? Going to you car in the carpark at night? After school? After work?

Fear can find us in different places and at different points in your life, but that does not mean you cannot do something about it, and start to minimise and control your fears. In fact you can do something right now!

For over a decade  we have been developing and running our Ladies Self-Protection - Safe On the Street or S.O.S. As a result hundreds if not thousands of women are in a better position to protect themselves and feel empowered and safe while out in the world.

Like all good programmes we are constantly updating and changing the content of the course to improve the learning experience for the participants and ensure it stays current.

Personal Safety Guid
Free Personal Safety Guide

A lot of potential situations of conflict can be avoided if we know how to respond, what actions we can take before, during and after an altercation and how to minimise the risk of such circumstances ever taking place.

In essence you need a road map that will help you get from where you are to where you want to be, namely safe and happy!

With correct instruction that is principle led and based, students can immediately develop an understanding of what they need to do to empower themselves and make better choices when out and about.

Whilst nothing can replace high quality instructor-led training, we have prepared a downloadable person safety guide for the community