How TFW Abingdon has changed my life!

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By Leanne Aspinall-Wade
Published Saturday, April 7, 2018

I sat down to write my story but I think I’m going to call it my journey and to say why I’ve turned to TFW.

I realised how many barriers I had put in my way I order to make the change in my life.

As a child I was always a bigger kid and bullied because of it at school. I hated school because of this even though my parents did their best to help me. I danced and was active, we had a fairly reasonable diet with what I would call “normal food” meat and two veg type things. 
Getting older I was always aware of my weight and going into a adulthood I have just yoyo’d.

I found myself in a abusive marriage where he always used my weight to hurt me. I had my 1st son and found my husband was having a affair and so I took the opportunity to escape. I threw myself into providing for my son and I didn’t matter. If I’m honest I’ve never mattered I’ve always found something else to focus on.

I met my soul mate 9 years and we went on to marry and have 2 more boys. I managed to loose 3 stone around 3 years ago just dieting and I did a local circuit class in the gym. The class was good but no instruction to why you were doing something or what you were trying to achieve. 
We fell pregnant again but we were not blessed and our little Cashew went to a better world. At this I just let myself go again I didn’t matter as long as my boys were happy and my husband happy then that was all I needed. I had convinced myself of this.

At the end of last year something changed for me when I noticed that I didn’t take photos of me and the boys together unless they were hiding me. I didn’t go in the sea with them when we went away I sat on the beach. I didn’t run around with them and throw the rugby ball around. I hated myself, what was I doing?

I decided that the cliche of “new year new me was going to happen”. My boys had been members of the Abingdon dojo for a few years now (and it’s such a friendly place) but I was scared to ask about TFW as I had convinced myself that I couldn’t do that, i wasn’t fit enough. But mid January I bit the bullet and asked about the sessions.

After my initial chat with V I felt so empowered I realised that they really cared about me reaching my goals. I had already made changes to our family diet and as much as my husband was doing it with me this was for me and about me, I do matter and it was about time I realised that.

I remember I felt so nervous on my first session but very quickly them fears went away. Not only the coaches supporting you to get the exercise right but all the members it really is a family I’ve joined. I’ve learnt why you do different exercises and what that does to make you more healthy and stronger. I’ve had the most amazing results already and already feeling brilliant for it. I have more energy I’m burning body fat, I’m building muscle but more than anything I love it! I already have more confidence in myself.

My results are amazing but my journey has just started. If I can do it, you can too.


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